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Come Be with Me: A Collection of Poems

Come Be with Me: A Collection of Poems

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Genre: Poetry

Type: Poetry
Tags: Poetry
Author: Leonard Nimoy
Condition: Used

Many of you probably know Leonard Nimoy as the highly logical and unemotional Mr. Spock from Star Trek. However, you may not know that Leonard Nimoy is a most capable singer and poet in his own right. In fact, Leonard Nimoy's vocal and poetic abilities are two of the best kept secrets in the entertainment industry. "This book is dedicated to a thought," Leonard writes in the introduction. "I am a living thing that must change." Like a garden life needs changes. And if changes are accepted, the beauty of it can be seen. The experience "If I accept the changes, I can accept myself" Leonard shares with the reader in "Come Be With Me". I may not be the fastest I may not be the tallest Or the strongest I may not be the best Or the brightest But one thing I can do better Than anyone else . . . That is To be me But It is best reviewed by its readers. Milad Ghezellu rated it - liked it - I like this book, one reason is this book has been written by Spock, one of our favorite characters in Sci-Fi movies and series. This book has simple poems and most of those are short and easy to read for all people. Love is main subject of poems. And another important point is design of this book. Pages are illustrated and those look like view of nature and seasons, with green, orange, brown and white. In this book we can see another Leonard Nimoy who is not only Spock, he is an emotional man and a poet and a lover. Patrick rated it - it was amazing Recommends it for: all sentient beings Leonard Nimoy is a national treasure: 'Rocket ships/Are exciting/But so are roses/On a birthday' (1-4). Owlboyle rated it - it was amazing - A wonderful collection of poems about love. The introduction of this book contains Mr. Nimoy's last tweet.

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